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ARCUS Project

  • Host organization

    ARCUS Project Administraton Committee

  • Address

    ARCUS Studio 2418 Itatoi, Moriya, Ibaraki 302-0101 Japan

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Objective The primary objective of AIR program is to support the activities of artists. The AIR program serves as the core of the entire project; the artists stay in the community for a certain period time to engage in creative activities, and we make the best use of the presence of artists by organizing related programs based on the structure and elements of AIR program. Another objective of the project is to promote the development of a colorful and creative community by providing opportunities for the residents of the community to experience creative art activities and enjoy communication with the artists. Such communication is essential for the AIR program to take root in the community.
*ARCUS means “gate” in Latin, so the project was named ARCUS to be the gate for young talents in art to be discovered, supported, and sent to the international scene. ARCUS is also a combination of ART and FOCUS, aiming to be the center of artistic activities in Japan.
Organization activities -Artist in Residence Program: This is a program to invite young talented artists from abroad and support their creative activities. During the residency period, the environment to perform free and creative activities (such as research, planning, production, and presentation) is provided. 
-Exchange Residency Program: Working together with overseas AIR programs and initiatives, the Exchange Residency Program sends abroad and invites to Japan artists and curators to support Japanese artists’ practices and encourage a more enriching exchange in the arts and culture between artists and curators of both in and outside Japan. 
-Local Program: workshops and lectures on contemporary art.
-Archiving Project: Since the fiscal year 2015, we have been researching and analyzing the reports of our program, which we have held for more than 25 years. We also started a project to make the reports public as archives.
*The activities mentioned above may vary year by year.
Founded in 1994
Background In 1991, Ibaraki Prefectural Government asked the committee chaired by Mr. Ikuo Hirayama, then the President of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (present-day Tokyo University of the Arts), to review the prefecture’s policy to cultivate its international and artistic potentials to establish the new international base of art and culture. In 1992, the committee gave a proposal entitled “ARCUS Plan” to the prefecture to serve as the gate of Japanese art that is opened to the world and the center of creative and artistic activities. In 1994, two artists were invited for a short period as a preliminary program. In 1995, ARCUS Plan Pilot Project started as 5-year trial project focusing on the Artist-In-Residence program. In 2000, the full-fledged “ARCUS Project” started based on the result of the pilot project.
Celebrates 27th anniversary in 2020, ARCUS Project is one of the established AIR programs in Japan run by the municipal government.
Location / Environment ARCUS Studio is located in Moriya City which was municipalized on February 2, 2002. The city, located about 40km from Tokyo, is richly endowed with nature and surrounded by three rivers. Since Tsukuba Express opened in 2005 which connects Akihabara and Tsukuba, the travel time from Moriya to Tokyo has drastically reduced, bringing more and more people working in Tokyo who choose this city as their place of residence. This increase of population is expected to result in further development of the city.
Contact ARCUS Studio
2418 Itatoi, Moriya, Ibaraki 302-0101 Japan

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

-Classrooms of the former elementary school are used as the studios. Up to 3 rooms (67.5 square-meters each)
-Internet connection, air conditioner, and water supply are available.

-The office/meeting room "Salon" and the lecture and workshop/ citizen exchange/ volunteer supporters' communication launge is available: one (67.5 square-meters) AL7


* Accommodation is available free of charge. One-room apartments equipped with minimum furniture and electrical appliances are provided near the studio.

Presentation spaceNot available


-Take Kantetsu Bus bound for “Shin Moriya Station” departing from the West Exit of Moriya Station and get off at “Moriya Koukou Iriguchi / Moriya High School Entrance”. It takes 5 minutes from the bus stop by walk, or take Moco-bus (Route for Cityhall / Itatoi) from Bus Terminal 1 and get off at “Moriya Koukou Mae / Moriya High School”. It takes approximately 2 minutes from the bus stop by walk.
* “Moriya Station” of Tsukuba Express is approximately 32 minutes by rapid train from Akihabara Station.
-It takes approximately 5 minutes by car from “Shin Moriya Station” of Kanto Railway Joso Line.
* “Shin Moriya Station” is approximately 60 minutes from JR Ueno Station via Joban Line Toride Station.
-Approximately 5 minutes by car from “Yawara I.C.” on Joban Expressway AH8