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ARCUS Research 2025 Winter




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Not available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesNot available

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsNot available

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts



ARCUS Project

Application period Apr. 26, 2024 (Fri.) - Jun. 25, 2024 (Tue.)
Description ARCUS Research is a short-term and self-funded program that offers an uninterrupted time and contemplative environment for creative experimentation, in-depth fieldwork, and research for practitioners and professionals in art and other cultural fields, including artists, curators, researchers, university educators, or writers.
Residency location ARCUS Project
Residency period One-month residency: 3 participants • January 16‒February 14, 2025
Qualification The applicant must:
• be a practitioner or other professional in a cultural and art-related field, including an
artist, curator, researcher, or writer.
• not be enrolled at an educational institution during the program period unless a PhD program.
• have English-language ability proficient enough to communicate with staff.
Pay by artists / Support for artists PROGRAM FEE
One-month residency: JPY270,000
Two-month residency: JPY500,000 (tax included)

The fee includes studio space, accommodation, and basic consultation and orientation at the beginning of the residency program. As an option activity, participants are invited to the “Show & Tell” salon to present their work and share projects with the local community at the end of the residency.

Studio size: 67.5 m2 (9 m [W] × 7.5 m [D] × 3.3 m [H])
A spacious and light-filled space facing southwest, the studio was formerly a classroom of a public school (Oisawa Elementary School, 1890‒1994). The studio has an internet connection and basic studio furniture, such as a desk and chairs.

Apartment size: 23.7 m2 unless otherwise noted.
Each participant is provided with a furnished studio-style apartment that includes basic electric appliances. A partner or family is allowed to accompany him/her. Please note that the accommodation is only for single occupants; an additional fee is charged for further occupants.

The participants are required to cover transportation, meals, insurance (accident, health, liability, etc.), work expenses, and other living expenses during their stay.

This is a self-funded residency program. If participants apply for grants from institutions, government agencies, universities in their country/province of origin, ARCUS Project will provide the acceptance letter for grant application once you are selected for the program.
Selection process APPLICATION
The following materials should be compiled in one PDF (A4 size) in a folder named “Last name_First name” (e.g., Smith_David) and compressed into a Zip file. The PDF file must not exceed 6 MB. Email the file to with “ARCUS Research Winter Application” in the subject line.

• Application form: Please download from the link and complete. Two references: please include their name, title, institution, and email. Short-listed candidates may be asked to provide letters from their references.

• Curriculum vitae: max. 3 pages.
• A project proposal (max. 600 words) that describes the intended focus of your
residency. Proposals may include specific projects to develop or complete (e.g., a publication, book, artwork, etc.) or to research a particular topic, in advance of writing or creating a work of art.
• Work samples: These should include 5 works with a caption (title, date, medium, and dimensions/duration for each work) and a brief description (50 words) of each work. If you wish to include video works with your application, please upload the files to a video hosting website such as YouTube and Vimeo, and then include the link(s) in your application.

• The screening process will be conducted by the ARCUS Project Selection Committee.
• Applicants may be required to provide additional application materials and a video
• Applicants will be notified via email of the result of their application by the mid July
• Please be aware that we cannot respond to individual inquiries concerning the
selection process.