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Shiro Oni Studio

  • Host organization

    Shiro Oni Studio LLC

  • Address

    562 Onishi Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture Japan 370-1401

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Objective Our art residency at Shirooni Studio provides a place for artists, mainly from overseas, to stay and work in the town of Onishi, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture. In addition to providing private studios and exhibition space, the residency offers many opportunities for interaction with local people, such as workshops and local events, to experience the charm of rural life in Japan, which is different from that of a tourist destination. Artists living in Japan are also welcome to participate.
Organization activities Foreign and Japanese artists come in groups of 8 people. They arrive together and over the course of 6 weeks participate in workshops, and local events. At the end of their stay all artists exhibit togther.
Founded in 2013
Background American artist Kjell Hahn founded the first residency in Gunma in 2013. In 8 years the residency has hosted over 200 artists from 30 countries and has been featured in publications such as Vogue magazine, Soto Koto magazine, NHK television and Asahi, Jomo and Yomiuri newspapers.
Location / Environment The town of Onishi (population 4,900) was once an important collection point along the silk road.Today, with the loss of population and industry in the mountainous countryside, the same geography that once channeled traders through the area cuts Onishi off from the outside world. Many of the buildings in the center of town have already been demolished, and the remaining structures are often used for storage or simply abandoned. Shiro Oni Studio ultimately aims to help reverse this by bringing outgoing, community-minded artists to the area.
Program introduction (video) 1 second every day for 6 weeks of a group firing an anagama kiln in 2017.
Contact Shiro Oni Studio Artist in Residency Program
562 Onishi Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture Japan 370-1401
TEL: 090-9887-4914
Contact person: Kjell Hahn

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Studios are made from remodeled traditional wood Nagaya buildings in the old town center of Onishi


Artists in residency stay together in a three-story, 10 bedroom house. Like many of the homes in Onishi, the building was originally owned by a stone seller.

The building is located next to a park and river, has a garden and has a large rooftop balcony with a panoramic view of the the mountains surrounding Onishi.

Presentation spaceAvailable

The brewery is the main exhibition space and a space for workshops and presentations. The former Fujisaki Soubei Shouten company’s 2-acre 280-year old sake brewery.


By bus: From JR "Honjyo" station take Asahi Bus to Kamiizumi Shogo Shisho line. For Exhibitions: get off at "Onishi Yubin Kyoku Mae" stop. For Artist house get off at "Kami Machi" stop. (50 minutes)