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Shinano-Omachi Artist in Residence

Objective Omachi City has a history of welcoming numerous artists, actively led by residential artistic and cultural activity associations. These include the annual Mendocino International Exchange Program, launched in 2007, which brings together artists from the U.S. county of Mendocino with artists from the Daihoku area, including Omachi City, as well as inviting artists from Japan and abroad to the SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival, which has been held every year since 2009. Furthermore, 2015 was positioned as "year one of the era of artistic and cultural promotion," and the city is promoting revitalization through art and culture in preparation for Northern Alps Art Festival 2020, to be held in 2020, whose executive committee is headed by Toru Ushikoshi, mayor of Omachi City. This project will not only coordinate with other projects to invite artists and support cultural exchange with the community, but will also strive to promote artistic and cultural activities throughout the region, exploring the new regional possibilities opened up by arts and culture.
Organization activities -Artist in residence program
-Workshops for students and members of the community
-Social networking events for local residents
-Exhibitions showcasing creations of artists in residence
Founded in 2015
Background Asahi AIR was founded in October 2015 and was run by the Shinano-Omachi Artist in Residence Committee. It is now run by NORTHERN ALPS ART FESTIVAL Executive Committee. We support the creative activities of artists staying in Omachi City, Japan. This includes inviting international artists and connecting them with the local culture of Omachi. Our program is granted by the Nagano prefectural government and has been established as the model program of "Artist in Residence in Shinshu (AIRIS).
Location / Environment Asahi AIR is a community artistic activity center creation project focused on the artist in residence program that was launched in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, in January 2016. The Asahi-machi Teacher's Housing built in 1971 was renovated and converted into six buildings -- four lodging facilities, a creation building, and a communal building. It is a small site that supports the artistic activities of the local community.
Contact NORTHERN ALPS ART FESTIVAL Executive Committee Office
3887 Omachi, Omachi city, Nagano 398-8601 Japan
Contact person:Endo, Tanaka

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Sharing a 30-square-meter space


3 rooms   
* 1 person per room, sharing a kitchen and bathroom.

Presentation spaceNot available


4 hours by train from Tokyo
1 hour by car from Nagano or Matsumoto station.
5 min. by foot from JR Shinano-Omachi station.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.