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Artist in Residence KOBE

  • Host organization

    Association HAAYMM

  • Address

    Yamaguchi house 2F, 4-16-7, Kitano-cho, Chuo ward, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0002 Japan

  • Website

Objective We operate in the Kitano area of Chuo Ward in Kobe City in order to open Kobe city even further as a port of culture where artists and creators gather.
We aim further cultivate and energize Kobe culture, centered around the two activities of the "Partnership Program in Kobe" which partners with Kobe City culture institutions and groups and accepts invited artists as a living facility and "Program by AiRK" which promotes exchange between the community and artists through efforts such as calling artists both from Japan and abroad as independent initiatives and holding workshops and events within Kobe City.
Organization activities - Artist in residence program (living accommodations only)
- Offering of living accommodations for invited artists and creators to support the activities of residency programs conducted by cultural institutions in Kobe City
- Independent planning of exhibitions, performances, workshops, events, etc., in collaboration with culture institutions in Kobe City
- Information supply through website and social media as well as collaboration with media in Kobe City
Founded in 2022
Background In 2021, Kobe City announced the "Kobe City Culture and Art Promotion Vision " as its medium- to long-term guidelines indicating the ideal state and basic direction for Kobe culture and art policies. In response, volunteers mainly active in Kobe who embraced the necessity and importance of a place that can meet the residency needs of artists and culture institutions in the city gathered to establish Association HAAYMM in 2022, and worked towards the commencement of Artist in Residence KOBE operation.
Location / Environment This space uses the renovated second and third floors of a "foreigner apartment" constructed in 1955 in the Ijinkan area, located in the Kitano district of Kobe City's Chuo Ward. The total area is 260 square meters.
Since the opening of the Port of Kobe in the Meiji Era, the Kitano area has been a mixed residential district that is home to both foreigners and the Japanese already living there. Through the inflow of foreign culture and industry into Kobe, it has become a place of exotic ambiance that intermixes diverse cultures
Also noteworthy is the diversity of religious facilities here.
In addition to Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, there are Chinese, Korean, and Indian temples, a Jewish synagogue, a Muslim mosque, and Catholic, Protestant, Greek, and Russian churches. In fact, a location with this many diverse religious facilities in such intimate proximity, coexisting without conflict, is a rare phenomenon worldwide.
We want to continue developing activities so this area can be discovered by residence artists and become even more open to the outside world.
Notes Organizer: Association HAAYMM
Corporate Partners: PARK by CrowdWorks, Inc., SRC Holdings, Inc., Daiwa Lease co.,ltd and more
Partner Institutions: C.A.P., NPO DANCEBOX, KIITO Design and Creative Center Kobe, and ROKKO MEETS ART
*as of June 2023
Contact Artist in Residence KOBE
Yamaguchi house 2F, 4-16-7, Kitano-cho, Chuo ward, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0002 Japan
Contact: Mari Matsushita

Facility information

Studio informationNot available

Not available
(However, usage agreements are possible for work studio space owned by partnered culture institutions)


Two-person lodging rooms: 4 rooms (living accommodations for residents conducting research and creation activities)
Communal kitchen, communal living room, clothes washing machine

Presentation spaceNot available

(However, usage agreements are possible for presentation venues owned by partnered culture institutions)


Five minutes on foot from "Yamamoto Dori 3-Chome" stop on Kobe City Bus Route Seven"
*20 minutes on foot from "JR Sannomiya"