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LONGSTAY Program 2022-23




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesAvailable

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Performing arts , Craft / Applied arts , Film / Video , Others




Application period Dec. 3, 2022 (Sat.) - Jan. 6, 2023 (Fri.)
Description Opencall / Application Details:

PARADISE AIR has held the LONGSTAY Program under various themes and with different application requirements. The 10th edition of the program is no different in that submission is open to all people of all nationalities working in the arts field.

Through this year’s LONGSTAY Program theme, “PUZZLING POLY+SEMY” we would like to work with an understanding of the puzzlement, or hesitation and confusion that accompanies creation, and with the imagination that you and I may have different understandings.
The outcome of the residency can take tangible or intangible form. Applications are widely accepted not only from artists but also from curators, researchers and other practitioners in related fields. We also welcome applications not only from outside of Japan, but also those currently residing in Japan. Please apply with your ideas by January 6th.
Residency location PARADISE AIR
Residency period October - December, 2023
A residency of at least 70 days and up to 90 days is possible during this period.
We are waiting for you with the room open!
Qualification Applicants must meet the following conditions:
- Enjoy engaging in dialogue with the town
- Currently living and working in the wider arts field, contributing to the contemporary creation of art (“Contributing to the contemporary creation of art” is not only limited to artists pursuing research and creative activities, but also includes the research, lectures, or symposiums created by people working in relation to art)
- Be willing and able to engage in genuine cultural exchange with other residence artists and local residents during the term of residency
- Be in good physical and mental health
- Be able to positively manage the program in accordance with the situation regarding diseases, travel and immigration
- Have flexibility regarding program scheduling, rules, and administration
- Be able to conduct everyday conversation in Japanese and/or English
Pay by artists / Support for artists 【For Selected Finalists】
- Production costs of video letter: ¥30,000 per group (payable only via Paypal, including handling fees)

【For Residence Artist】
- Accommodation (PARADISE AIR)
- Transportation for one round trip from the artist’s place of residence to Matsudo (while transportation for artists living in Japan is not limited to one round trip, a maximum limit applies for total transportation costs)
- ¥200,000 for production costs per group
- Per diem: ¥3000 x number of days of residence, per group (cash)
- Costs associated with equipment and transportation of artwork
- Arrangement of venues for the presentation of work and coordination of events
- Local support for daily life and production of work
- Arrangement of transportation to Matsudo and supply information on current regulations for entering the country
- Costs associated with publicity
Selection process - A committee of staff, local residents and external juries will conduct a selection based on the submitted materials.
- Those who pass the first screening will be contacted individually by February 14th.
- For the final selection, we will also ask you to submit a video letter (max. 2 minutes) introducing yourself and your proposal.
  - Deadline for submitting video letters: February 28th
  - Videos can be made using a smartphone. Emphasis is given to the content of proposals rather than video quality
  - All video letters will be made public on the PARADISE AIR website following the result of selections
  - Support for the production costs of the video letters will be provided to all finalists
- Finalists will be notified individually of the selection results in mid-March.
- Selection results will be made public on the PARADISE AIR website on March 24th.
Contact If you would like to make an inquiry, feel free to contact us at the email address below. Please note that we are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process.

Address: Hamatomo bld., 15-4 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba, JAPAN 271-0091
Organized by PAIR
Supported by Matsudo City and the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2022
Special supported by Hamatomo Corporation Co., Ltd.

A word, a name, a work contains multiple coexisting meanings, to each encounter a different interpretation that overflows the capacity to hold. Yet this was designed,

—every puzzle piece I place out of my own volition, I believe that’s true,
my reaction to flirtation—

Worlds are falling apart again, eyes following one sun, detours breaking glass falling out of order, grasping hints from the past and throwing shards of light now.
(a very personal) Interpretation Hi, I’m Haruka. I write plays in Japanese and English and I recently joined PARADISE AIR as a coordinator this past July.

I love meaning. Being alive in a polysemous cacophony, meaning is something to hold onto. Sometimes I wonder if that makes me corny, but it’s wild out there. It’s good to have tightly packed kernels of truth for grounding. They’re worth searching for.

Some people search for no-meaning. Which seems necessary. Yin Yang. ☯️

—Because we come from the wilderness, I look outside the puzzles in my face, and see divergence. Reality is diverse. Yet I’m puzzling English words together, whose puzzle pieces am I playing with?

Whose puzzles am I playing?
Which puzzles are mass produced and which puzzles have not entered the market?
Which puzzles have been already created and which puzzles have not been made?
Which puzzle will challenge the perception of every past puzzle?
Scrambling puzzles as an unintended player, collecting puzzle pieces from unexpected sources, —whenever I experience something, what my attention is drawn to, what it catches, what clips into my conscience (consciously or unconsciously) are the puzzle pieces with which I form my understanding.

Words can be puzzling, ridiculous, meaningless even, but when I can create a puzzle of polysemy, or at least a box of puzzle pieces for somebody to play and make what they want out of it, that feels good and meaningful to me.