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Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Artist in Residence Program 2022 : Making Things




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesAvailable

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Performing arts , Craft / Applied arts , Film / Video , Others



Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University

Application period Apr. 11, 2022 (Mon.) - May. 22, 2022 (Sun.)
Description This open call program offers contemporary artists, curators, researchers and others who are involved in cultural and artistic endeavors the opportunity to practice exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks and other activities, with ACAC’s full support providing assistance every step of the way from the planning stage and research to installation and presentation and archiving in catalogs. Although holding an exhibition is not compulsory, participants are required to introduce their achievements through some form of presentation in order to get their activities widely recognized. The length of stay is optional, from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of about three months. (Non-Japanese artists can apply either for a one-month artist-in-residence program in Japan, or a remote program with a maximum period of around three months. Domestic residents can determine the length of stay and timing of the residence period.)
Approximately two years have passed since the world came under the influence of COVID-19, and ACAC has been exploring the best way of operating the program to allow overseas-based artists to participate remotely through online communication. In 2022, there may also be periods when circumstances disrupt the ability of overseas participants to visit Japan or for domestic travel to occur. However, we’ll keep up our hope that we can connect somewhere in the world, without giving up on seeking physical residence opportunities at ACAC for international participants.
For 2022, we have titled the program “Making Things”. This is a guidepost to reflect and update the “present tense” of the Artist-In-Residence program at ACAC, and does not necessarily define the activities of participants. As Tim INGOLD says, the etymology of “thing” refers to the gatherings of people, and a gathering place for people to solve issues. While we witness advancing global barriers due to conflict between nations, as well as the pandemic, we’d like to encourage creative communication through making things and gathering people – a universal act of human beings, without borders – to change the way we are, and the current state of the world. We hope ACAC’s AIR program will be the interactive platform that can make this happen.

〇Guest Judge
Hiraku Suzuki
Artist. Born in 1978 in Miyagi Prefecture. With a focus on the theme of boundaries between pictures and language, as well as “drawing” and “writing”, Suzuki has been expanding his field of drawing through a variety of media including two-dimensional works, sculptures, videos, photographs, and performances. He has been to many cities overseas, including Sydney, Sao Paulo, London, New York, and Berlin as an artist-in-residence, and currently works as an associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Global Art Practice. Suzuki’s main solo exhibitions include, “Excavating Reflections” (Galerie Chantiers Boîte Noire, France, 2019) and “Signs of Faraway” (ACAC, 2015). His major group exhibitions include “MOT Annual 2019 Echo after Echo: Summoned Voices, New Shadows” (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2019) and many others.

〇Number of Participants  
1) Non-Japanese nationals living outside of Japan who will stay and work at ACAC (1 month: 30-day, 29-night): 1 person *Those who can participate remotely if they are unable to travel to Japan.)
2) Non-Japanese nationals living outside of Japan who will participate remotely (a maximum of seven 2-week terms): 1 person *Duplicate applications for both 1) and 2) are not allowed.
3) Residents of Japan who will stay and work at ACAC (selecting from one to seven 2-week terms): 2-3 people

〇Details on Official web site
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〇Application guideline and form (via Google drive):
〇Reference: Same program last year (FY2021)
Residency location Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University
Residency period Preferred Schedule of stay at the ACAC must be chosen one month between September 8 (Thu) and December 14 (Wed), 2022
Qualification 〇Artist in Residence & Remote Participation
a) Individuals or groups engaged in artistic pursuits, including curators, researchers, artists, or otherwise. (Hereafter referred to as “the artist” regardless of background or genre.)
b) The artist should understand the purpose of his or her visit to the ACAC and be able to stay or participate during the period for which they are invited.
c) Artists who choose not to exhibit will instead participate in exchange programs, including artist talks, lectures, performances, workshops, and school visits.
d) The artist should be able to explain their artwork and give lectures or workshops in English or Japanese as part of the exchange program.
e) The artist should be in good health.
f) The artist should be able to speak and understand basic English daily conversation.

〇Artist in Residence
g) The artist should be independent and capable of working and living on their own.
h) The artist is responsible for all setup and breakdown of exhibitions and events.
i) The artist should be able to lead a community life with other artists on the program.

〇Remote Participation
j) The artist will work with the ACAC in the setup and breakdown of exhibits and events.
Pay by artists / Support for artists ・Travel expenses: A one-time round trip economy class air ticket from the international airport which is nearest to the Artist’s home to Aomori airport (or flight fare + railway fare to Aomori).
A railway fare to Aomori (one time round trip) from the train station nearest to the Artist's residence. the amount payable is up to 150,000JPY, for domestic travel it is up to 70,000JPY.
・Artist in Residence Production Expenses: 40,000 JPY per term (80,000 JPY per one month)
・Remote Participation Production Expenses: 75,000 JPY
・If an ARTIST holding an exhibition also organizes a separate exchange program, ACAC will provide 50,000 yen for exhibition-related event expenses.
・Living Expenses: ACAC will provide living costs according to the Aomori public university’s regulations for the artist. (upper limit is 70 days’ worth) The full amount of living expenses is 303,160JPY. For one term: 59,400JPY
・ ACAC will provide the artist with residential facilities and studio in ACAC during the program period.
・The artist is covered by injury insurance and sickness insurance for the duration of the residency. Any past illness, chronic diseases and dental treatment are not covered.
・ACAC will produce a Program Catalogue and present 20 copies of the catalogue to the artist
Selection process Based on submitted materials, artists will be selected by the ACAC curatorial team and guest judge Mr. Hiraku Suzuki.
The applicants will be informed of the final decision by email from mid to late June.

Contact *Please note that we are unable to respond by telephone.

atten: AIR 2022
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
152-6 Yamazaki, Goshizawa, Aomori, 030-0134 JAPAN
Detail information 〇Details on Official web site
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〇Application guideline and form (via Google drive):
〇Reference: Same program last year (FY2021)