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Yanagawa City Cultural Exchange and Immigration Experience Facility “Former Watanuki Family Residence”

Objective We provide an opportunity for people who are interested in regional exchanges that make use of culture and the arts and those who are considering moving to Yanagawa City to experience Yanagawa's culture and local charm, and consider moving to Yanagawa City. In order to promote the development of Yanagawa's culture and migration to Yanagawa City.
Organization activities - Artists-in-residence program
- Exhibitions, workshops and other events, planned separately from the residency program
- Rental service of the facilities
Founded in 2023
Background The former Watanuki family residence is a wooden residence built in the Edo period, and is a property with high historical value as a samurai residence that remains in a rural area. It was donated to Yanagawa City in FY2015, and in FY2017, the city renovated it using a unique community development promotion project managed by Fukuoka Prefecture in order to make it a place for people to experience relocating to the city.
Location / Environment Installed in a rural area rich in nature in the eastern part of Yanagawa City
Total floor area 158.41 square meters
Contact Yanagawa City Hall Lifelong Learning Division Culture Section
43-1 Kamimiyanagamachi, Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture 832-0058 Japan
TEL 0944-77-8836

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10 min. by car from Yanagawa station, Nishitatsu line.

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Currently there is no program available for application.