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takenoma tenjishitsu: Tür aus Holz takenomaru

Objective From Takenoma, to communities and the world.
We care for encounter and connection with people, and appreciate blessings of nature.
"Appreciation of our environment surroundings."
To preserve food and local culture, to inheritance culture to the next generation.
"Cultural Inheritance"
We encourage communication, skills, and arts/expressions through cultural inheritance.
Organization activities -Exhibition, installation, and live streaming event.
-Publishing free magazine 6 times a year as well as website.
-YouTube channel "takenoma channel"
-Farmers market "takenoma☆engawa marche" selling fresh vegetable producing in Kanagawa prefecture. (once a month)
- Artist in Residence
-Rental studio (video, still)
-Rental space
-Products merchandise
-takenoma school (ongoing)
-takenoma record (ongoing)
Founded in 2020
Background takenoma opened as the third base for favoris inc. which runs Cafe&bar "Yamanoue" and bar "Kamome no bar" at Nakaward, Yokohama city.
It's renovated old house, and takenoma is the place to gather people for expression.
Location / Environment takenoma is old house located in a quiet residential area 10 minute walk from JR line Yamate station.
It's walkable from Ishikawa cho, Motomachi, China town, Yamashita park, and rich nature environment.
Notes takenoma is located in residential area.
Please contact us if you wish to work with sound or noise.
Contact favoris inc.
194 Takenomaru, Nakaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0847 Japan
contact person: Haruka Naito

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Studios at the second floor in takenoma is available. Spaces are 4.5 or 6 tatami mats.

AccommodationsNot available

Presentation spaceAvailable

Please contact us if you wish to present your work. You may use tokonoma, hearth room, dining room at takenoma, or cafe&bar "Yamanoue" or bar "kamome no bar".


10 minute walk from JR Keihin Tohoku line Yamate station.
5 minute walk from Kashiwa ba bashi bus stop via JR Negishi line Sakuragi cho station or Minato Mirai line Nihon Odori station.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.