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Seto International Ceramic & Glass Art Exchange Program

Objective The Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation is an organization that aims to contribute to the promotion of culture in and around the city of Seto. It engages in initiatives that support the promotion of cultural arts in Seto area. It is also involved in the surveying, research, preservation, usage, etc. of cultural objects. Amongst multiple efforts to provide opportunities and places for community residents to experience cultural arts, the Foundation operates the Seto International Ceramic & Glass Art Exchange Program as one initiative designed to provide an opportunity to encounter art and culture with a rich international diversity.
This program supports ceramic and glass artists from all over the world in order to exchange ideas with local artists, which will bring new different perspectives to Seto City with more than 1000 years of ceramic history. This program also intends to encourage Seto citizens to encounter different forms of artistic expression through the art and cultural activities.
Organization activities -Artists-in-residence program
-Exhibitions, workshops, concerts and other events, planned separately from the residency program
-Rental service of the facilities
-Training of craft and traditional underglaze technique
-Research, study and conservation of cultural properties
Founded in 1992
Background We established the Seto Archaeological Cultural Property Center in 1992 to survey and research archaeological cultural objects in and around the city of Seto, appropriately preserve and use excavated artifacts, and raise awareness about the preservation of cultural objects.
In response to the diversification of cultural activity and cultural needs in the region in the 13 years that followed our inception, we expanded our activities with the goal of actualizing an even higher level of contribution to regional culture and renamed our organization the Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation in 2005. In addition to our original perimeters, we also deploy activities that integrate ceramics-focused cultural object preservation and cultural arts promotion as an initiative that shoulders the task of cultural arts promotion.
Our artist in residence initiative began in 2000.
Location / Environment We are located very near the center of Seto City, and are adjacent to Minami Park, a place of rest for city residents. Our organization is composed of three buildings: Culture Hall, Culture Exchange Building, and the Seto City Art Museum.
Contact Seto City Cultural Promotion Foundation
Office of International Ceramic & Glass Art Exchange Program
113-3 Nishiibara, Seto, Aichi, 489-0884 Japan
TEL: 0561-84-1093
FAX: 0561-85-0415

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Seto Ceramic and Glass Art Center: Ceramic and Glass studio, Exhibition rooms, Gallerys and Café


Apt. Individual room with shower, mini kitchen, washing machine and air conditioner.

Presentation spaceAvailable

the Seto City Art Museum and others


By train: From Nagoya Station, take the JR Chuo Line to Ozone Station, transter to the Meitetsu Seto Line bound for Owari Seto Station. Walk toward the south about 15 minutes.

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Currently there is no program available for application.