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Sado Island Artist in Residence

  • Host organization

    Sado International Art Promotion Organization

  • Address

    53-1, Ryotsu Ebisu, Sado-shi, Niigata, 952-0011, Japan

  • Website

Objective Sado International Art Promotion Organization is an art group based in Sado Island (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture), the largest island in the Sea of Japan. Since our inception in 2018, we have promoted the creation and sharing of art culture focusing mainly on contemporary art and deployed various projects designed to increase the attractiveness of the region.
TAACHI, run by our group, is an arena for artists and creators to create and display their work. Every year, artists stay here and create and display artwork. For artists and creators, TAACHI functions as a secondary creation base. And for the community, it provides opportunities to experience new perspectives and rediscover the attractiveness of Sado.
Additionally, TAACHI functions as more than just a creation studio. It is also used as a community spot connecting the area and art. It holds events like workshops and talk sessions, and serves as a new Sado hub for sharing culture.
Sado International Art Promotion Organization does more than advancing interaction among associated individuals and advancing the creation of art and culture. It also aims to explore the uniqueness and diversity of Sado Island and promote international art and culture exchange.
Organization activities TAACHI holds events to introduce TAACHI and artists and creators to people in the community twice a year, in March and November. During the winter islander culture fair called SadoPorte, which is a Sado city culture and art related event, TAACHI holds an open studio every weekend.
Founded in 2016
Background Sado Island Artist in Residence uses TAACHI as a venue for the international art fair "Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival". Additionally, Sado International Art Promotion Organization reformed a building that originally housed a clothing store, and even after the fair ended, began using it in 2022 as a spot for multi-genre research, creation, and interaction for various kinds of creators, in the role of a hub for energizing the region from the perspectives of art, culture, and tourism.
Location / Environment TAACHI is located in the Ryotsu shopping strip, which is about ten minutes on foot from the Sado Kisen Terminal at Ryotsu Port in the Ryotsu area, the island transportation hub. There is a restaurant district nearby.
Sado Island has 855.34 square kilometers of area, and is the largest remote island in Japan. It is composed of the Osado mountain range to the north of the island and Kosado mountain range to the south, running parallel to each other and sandwiching the Kuninaka Plain, which is so expansive it is hard to believe it is situated on an island. The coastline stretches up to 280.7 km in circumference and is blessed with outstanding natural scenery. The sea surrounds on all sides, and has intersecting cold and warm currents. A diverse array of seafood is harvestable like crab, shrimp, squid, yellowtail, and tuna. And other delicious treasures of the sea are also abundant, including oysters, abalone, turban shells, and various kinds of seaweed.
Most of the island is designated as quasi-national or prefectural parkland, and the mountains are home to a mysterious lake containing Japan's largest highland marshy floating island. Also, due to the impact of exiles and the kitamaebune ship route, this island also traditionally incorporates culture from all over Japan.
Notes The residence program for this group is a pay-based program.
We run it as a facility linked to the gallery space TAACHI.
We publicly offer space in this residence program through the entire year.
We have a guest house in the city outskirts, and artists can stay there.
Program introduction (video)
Contact Sado International Art Promotion Organization
53-1 , Ryotsu Ebisu, Sado-shi, Niigata, 952-0001, Japan
TEL/FAX +81-(0)259-67-7657
Contact YOSHIDA Morito, TAKEDA Izumi

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

The first floor of a two-story wooden facility
Water supply available

AccommodationsNot available

Accommodation available (by referral) for residents conducting creative activities in the city outskirts.

Presentation spaceAvailable

*Holding exhibits in the linked gallery is also possible depending on the residence schedule.


10 min-walk from Ryotsu Port Sado Kisen Terminal

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.