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Azumaza Artist In Residence

  • Host organization

    Art Ensemble Shirakawa

  • Address

    2584-4 Kutokawa, Shirokawa-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu 509-1431 Japan

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Objective Azuma, a local kabuki theater built 130 years ago, was once a center of entertainment for the general public, drawing people from far away to see performances by travelling theatrical troupes, musical performances, and films. It functioned as a cultural, information, and social networking hub. The changing face of entertainment resulted in there being fewer and fewer opportunities to use the theater, but it has set its sights on restoring its position as a center for exchange and local culture by inviting artists from Japan and abroad, hosting artists in residence, holding art events (festivals) to showcase their works, and bringing raw art to the wider community. As globalization homogenizes culture, Azuma will use the outside perspectives offered by artists to reexamine regional character, leverage local strengths, and create festivals that could only come from this region.
Organization activities Artist in Residence
Art tourism, Event, workshop
Founded in 2018
Background This project was planned as part of the "Shirakawa Allure Discovery Academy" project carried out by Shirakawa Town Planning Division in 2017, and an association was established at the end of 2017 to implement the project.
Location / Environment This organization's activities are centered in a hamlet composed of roughly 600 households in the Kurokawa district of Shirakawa Town, located in south-central Gifu Prefecture.
Contact Art Ensemble Shirakawa
2584-4, Kurokawa Shirakawa cho Kamo gun, Gifu 509-1431
Contact person:Yosei Shiotsuki

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Kurokawa motors bas station from JR Shirakawaguchi station (30 minuites).
*JR Shirakawaguchi station is aproxmately 1hour from Nagoya station by express train.