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Travel Front

Objective In collaboration with konya-gallery and konya-stay, konya 2023 intends to serve artists who exhibit their works at the gallery, participants in events, researchers and participants in projects, and businesspeople and tourists visiting Fukuoka. Therefore, it is not a facility exclusively for Artist-in-Residence program. Due to operational concerns, it is available only for people referred from members.
; however, if an artist wants to use the gallery as well, his/her portfolio can be reviewed without reference. Konya 2023 is a place for a variety of people in multiple timeframes, and the variation will be further widened by long or short-tem residents. We believe that visitors and residents can actually feel the dynamics of the project.
Organization activities Once in three years, we invite artists from Japan and abroad for about three months, and support their residential work, workshops in the local community, and exhibitions at galleries. This opportunity is limited, however, to artists who are acquainted with our staff; such as artists who have visited our program before. Discounts on stay rooms and gallery as well as opportunity for collaborative work are also available by submitting their portfolio or website that shows their activities.
Founded in 2008
Background "Konya 2023” is the third building renovation project that is planned and organized by Travelers Project (administration office: Travel Front). The project term is 15 years from 2008 to 2023, and it gathers directors from a variety of fields in 17 rooms in a 45-year-old building.
The theme of Konya 2023 is “multi-tenant building of the future”, and a particular emphasis is placed on the concept of “multi-timeframe building”. Users may sign a one to three-year lease, visit for two hours for an event, or spend an hour for drinking. Among such variations of timeframes, residential users spend a day to half a year in stay rooms.
Konya-stay is initiated to serve a wide variety of users: residential artists engaging in creative activities for exhibitions at konya-gallery; researchers and scholars who visit Fukuoka to participate in projects; and businesspeople and tourists visiting Fukuoka.
Location / Environment The building is located in Daimyo area, which is about 10-minute walk from Tenjin area, the center of Fukuoka city. With many restaurants and cloth stores, this area is always attracting youngsters.
Contact Travel Front
Dai-ichi-Matsumura Building 201, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0041 Japan
Contact person:Risa Hashimoto

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable


konya-stay L / konya-stay S
Rooms: Room 401 (short-term), Room 501 (long-term)
Facilities: Toilet, shower, bed, desk, refrigerator, sink, air conditioning, etc.
Space: Room 401: approx. 19 _, Room 501: approx. 35 _
* To use the facility, reference from members (excluding the administration staff) is required.
* Each facility will charge for use.

Presentation spaceAvailable

Regular open hours: 11:00 - 20:00
Rooms: Room 201 and 202
Usage: Exhibition, lecture, event, live performance, workshop, etc.
Space: Floor space: approx. 40 _, Ceiling height: approx. 3.5m (Exhibition panel height: 2.4m)


From Fukuoka Airport
By subway: on Kuko Line, Fukuokakuko (airport) station >> Tenjin station (10 min) >> 10 to 15-minute walk
From JR Hakata station
By subway: on Kuko Line, Hakata station >> Tenjin station (5 min)>>10 to 15-minute walk
By Nishitetsu bus: Hakata-eki Kotsu Center 1st Floor >> bus stop near Tenjin station (10 to 15 min)
>> 10 to 15-minute walk
By Kyushu Expressway
Approx. 15 min from Tenjin Kita Ramp (depends on traffic)"

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.