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Kamiyama Artist in Residence

  • Host organization

    Kamiyama Artist in Residence

  • Address

    132 Jinryo Aza Nakazu, Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima 771-3310 Japan

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Objective KAIR program was established in 1999 to provide selected artists with the opportunity to experience Japanese small-town life while working together with local people on artistic projects. Our hope is that the artists will produce works full of originality, influenced by the experience of spending time amidst the timeless nature of Kamiyama, deep in the Japanese countryside, and inspiration from interacting with the friendly local people. Through the works created by the artists as they come into contact with the tangible and intangible ‘God’s Mountain’ (the meaning of ’Kamiyama’), we hope to be able to discover what impact ‘encounters with the unknown’ has upon the artists and the community itself.
Organization activities -Artist in Residence program
-workshops, open studio, exhibitions
-Bed&Studio program
(self-funding artist in residence program)
Founded in 1999
Background Starting out in 1991 as a voluntary international exchange program, when the International Cultural Village Concept was formulated by Tokushima Prefecture in 1997, the idea was put forward to transform the program into one centered on the arts and the environment. The Artists in Residence program began in 1999 with a citizen-led executive committee at the helm.
Location / Environment Kamiyama is surrounded by mountains and follows the Akui river flowing through the center of town. Farms and residential areas are dotted along the river. Eighty-three percent of the town’s area is mountainous with an altitude ranging from 300-1500 meters above sea level.
There is still plenty of old Japan left in Kamiyama.
Contact Kamiyama Artist in Residence
132 Jinryo Aza Nakazu, Kamiyama-cho,
Myozai-gun, Tokushima 771-3310 Japan
Contact person:Keiko Kudo

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Unused space in town
- Yorii-za theater
- Studio


Apartment : Ferroconcrete two-stories duplex house approx. 60 sq.m. (650ft2) with a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, and three straw-matted(tatami) rooms.

Presentation spaceAvailable

Unused space in town
-Yorii-za theater
-a former Sake brewry building


-From Tokushima airport : 70min/30km by car
-From Tokushima station : 45min/26km by car
-Tokushima bus(Kamiyama line/Sanagochi line): "Nakazu bus stop", 2min walk from there