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Asuka Art Village

  • Host organization

    Asuka Village

  • Address

    55 Oka, Asuka-Village, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0011 Japan

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Objective The program assists next-generation artists in gaining “inspiration” for their creative activities through contact with Asuka’s abundant historical and natural assets, as well as with local people and their culture. In the meantime, it also promotes local revitalization by encouraging village residents to rediscover regional assets with fresh viewpoints. The program also aims to attract more visitors to the village through its unique appeal as an arts venue.
Organization activities Exhibitions
Founded in 2012
Background suka, where Japan first took shape as a nation, is home to numerous forms of ancient artistic objects, such as clusters of stone structures and tumuli with richly colored murals. Asuka is arguably the birthplace and sanctuary of Japanese art. By supporting the creative activities of upcoming young artists and encouraging them to gain inspiration from spending time in Asuka, the Asuka Art Village residency program offers artists a “pilgrimage to Japanese art.” The residency was also established as an important cultural program for promoting Asuka both nationally and internationally, since Asuka is working to turn the entire village into a “living museum” and towards UNESCO World Heritage registration.
Location / Environment Asuka Village is situated in the heart of Nara Prefecture. The Asuka region was the nation’s capital 1,400 years ago, and the stage of the Taika Reform, which eventually led to the establishment of Japan’s first governmental structure based on a legal system called ritsuryo. Buddhism and other aspects of continental culture arrived in Asuka, where a culture influenced by the latest international trends of the day flourished. The village today is full of archaeological sites, including those of palaces, temples, and burial grounds, and is sometimes referred to as the “spiritual home of the Japanese” as it retains much of the scenery portrayed in the Manyoshu poems.
Contact Asuka Village Board of Education
91-1 Kawahara, Asuka-Village, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0141 Japan

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From Osaka
JR Osaka station >> JR Tennoji station >>(walk)>> Kintetsu line Osaka Abenobashi station >> Asuka station

From Kyoto
JR Kyoto station >>(walk)>> Kintetsu line Kyoto station >> Kashihara jinguu station >> Nara koutsuu bus >> Asuka station

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