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Travel & Art Okubo studio

Objective The population of the Okubo settlement in and around Komoro City, where the Travel & Art Okubo Studio is located, is decreasing every year. Most of the residents are elderly. We hope that people will enter the village from outside, create art, cultivate art, including the inhabitants, and that it will be a great force for the region so that people can enjoy and discover. I think that art and communication will be a great force for revitalizing the region. I also want to create places for exchanges, such as exhibitions and workshops, to be interested in art and to develop a sense of what art is.
Organization activities -Reserch
-Artists-in-residence program
-Exhibitions, workshops and other events, planned separately from the residency program
Founded in 2018
Background We love art,nature and have man friends who are artists, musicians,craft persons and so on.Now we have just started Artist in Residence[AIR].
Location / Environment This house is in a peaceful ,traditional village in Japan. So the parsons who were born and raised urban area or are foreigners are sure to feel fresh with this atomosphere.There are good onsens (hot springs) very near. We highly recommend them. And we have river and Mountains. Furthermore there is a small grocery shop each oncens. So you can some things in the shops. And there is an very old ,excellent temple called Nunobiki Kannon temple around here just be suit for walking.
Notes Not only AIR but also a long-term stay, so there are guests for purposes other than production.Vacanse, Relaxsing, Language Study, Working etc…

-Let's do workshops of "Igo", that is one of the most popular traditional games, available from one person.
Woodcutting print (available from two persons or more), Weaving (available from two persons or more), Kitsuke,that is wearing kimono (available from one person)
-all fee JPY3,000 and more
Contact Travel & Art Okubo studio
73 Okubo, Komoro city, Nagano 384-0071 Japan
Contact person:Mizuki

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

You can do puroduction activities (making art works) in each room or use it outside during warm weather. There is no special room for production.


Two Single rooms(7.5-tatami mat size) , one Double room(12 tatami matts).

Presentation spaceAvailable

We offer a gallery space of "Cafe&gallery Dokusyonomori", about 5 minutes by car. Not in Travel & Art Okubo studio.


"Komoro station" by high way bus or train.It is about 4km far from the station to the studio.You can walk it takes about 40 minutes.But we are afraid it is a little far for walking.
You can take busses but there are not many busses that you can use(about 5 busses go and back a day).

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.