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AIR_JOnline Database of Artist in Residence Programs in Japan


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Kanazawa Yuwaku Sousaku no Mori Center for Crafts and Coulture

  • Host organization

    Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development

  • Address

    36 Kitabukuro-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1135 Japan

  • Website

Objective The program aims to provide space for dyeing, weaving, printing and other craft creation, as well as for voluntary learning, training and cultural activities in a nature-abundant setting in the Kanazawa Yuwaku area, and thereby to help promote cultural activities in the local community.
Organization activities -Lending of facilities for creative works, training, and accomodation (Facility rental project)
-Operation of workshops and lectures at studio
-Publicity of above projects
-Maintenance and management of facilities
Founded in 2003
Background 1974: Opened as a private museum “Danpuen”
1997: After Danpuen was closed, the City of Kanazawa aquired the facility.
1999: To make a concrete basic preparation plan, the preparation advisory committee was established and the basic plan was settled.
2000: Basic design and detailed design
2002 – 2003: Building refurbishment
2002 – 2003: Exterior work (landscape, outdoor equipement, corridor)
October 2003: Open
Location / Environment Located in a mountain area, 15 km southern west of the central Kanazawa. Close to Yuwaku Onsen, a hot spring area near Kanazawa.
Contact Kanazawa Yuwaku Sousaku no Mori
Center for Crafts and Coulture
Kitabukuro-machi36,Kanazawa,Japan 920-1135

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

-For indigo dyeing
-For fabric dyeing and weaving
-For screen printing
-For print art
* All the facilities above are wooden buildings and the fees are charged to their use.


Five rooms in total (3 Japanese rooms (size of 10 tatami-mats); 1 Japanese room (size of 7 tatami mats); and 1 Western single-occupancy room). Fee is required.
* Bathroom, toilet and dining faculties are shared with other guests.

Presentation spaceAvailable

Two connected wood galleries (Gallery One: 66 sq. m and Gallery Two: 48 sq. m). Fee is required.


○Five minute walk from Sousaku-no-Mori-Mae bus stop of Hokuriku Railway Bus
* Approx. fifty minutes bus ride from Kanazawa Station (take a Hokuriku Railway Bus bound for Yuwaku Onsen, departing from Bus Terminal Three of East Exit).

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.