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Youkobo AIR Program

  • Host organization

    Youkobo Art Space

  • Address

    Zempukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0041 Japan

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Objective Youkobo Art Space's primary objective is to contribute to cross-cultural understanding and regional development through artists’ practices that capitalize on local resources.
The artist-in-residence program offers overseas artists a home base for their activities in Tokyo. It is a place for international exchange and multicultural understanding through art, and encourages exchange between artists from various parts of the world and the local community.
It also provides young emerging artists, from Japan and overseas, an opportunity to hold exhibitions and workshops, in support of their career development and audience development.
Organization activities Focusing on three main activities-the artist-in-residence program, exhibitions, and related activities-Youkobo Art Space conducts “micro-residence network”.

I. Artist-in-Residence Program
This program provides artists from Japan and abroad with opportunities and spaces to create new works through their residence here. It is suitable for long-stay residents. We respect artists’ own plans during their stay and assist them. We support not only their creative work in studios but also the holding of workshops, exhibitions, and artists’ talks, utilizing a network of local artists and affiliated organizations.

II. Exhibitions and Events
This program offers opportunities to host exhibitions and events of experimental works by contemporary artists from Japan and abroad, and offers them opportunities to give presentations and engage in exchanges with local artists and people.

III. Related Activities
-AIR Exchange Program
-Y-AIR Program-Networking
-Community Art-Research

* Microresidence Network:
The Microresidence Network serves as a platform that helps to activate AIR activities for artists, raise their visibility, form a network between its members, and conduct research and studies.

Youkobo Art Space aims to promote Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs as a place for artists to create work, thereby setting AIR programs up as an important part of society. While running AIR programs to provide opportunities and spaces for artists from overseas to live and create work in Japan, Youkobo Art Space also strives, as another important task, to create opportunities and spaces for overseas activities of artists from Japan.
In an effort to offer domestic artists an opportunity to extend their activities abroad, Youkobo Art Space promotes exchange programs with similar overseas artist-in-residences. By doing so it encourages international exchange among artists, as well as between artists and local residents to facilitate people’s understanding of the diversity and individuality of each artist.
Leveraging its long experience as a member residence of Res Artis, a global AIR network based in the Netherlands, Youkobo Art Space presented the Microresidence Network to the world in 2012. Also as a member of the AIR Network Japan, it is actively engaged in network activities, does research on AIR programs in Japan and abroad, and releases findings of such activities. Since 2013, Youkobo Art Space has advanced collaborative projects between micro (AIRs) and macro (art colleges) organizations to practice the concept of Y-AIR, or AIR for Young, by providing young artists with opportunities to create work in an artist-in-residence and developing human resources through internship programs for AIR management.
Believing it important to maintain networks with the local community and other organizations, Youkobo Art Space opens a lounge for communication among people involved in community art activities, guest artists, visitors involved in fine arts, and local residents.
more detail:
Founded in 1984 (started AIR in 1989)
Background Youkobo Art Space located in Suginami is based non-profit art organization who has been active in creating a space for various artistic activities and programs, in the building that formally was a medical clinic and sanatorium for tuberculosis patients until 1970s. “Studio Youkobo” was started as art classes and studio, until it was turned into a home-stay style residence after accepting some architects and artists from Matsumae Foundation. In 2001, the building was refurbished and renewed as Youkobo Art Space, a contemporary art complex equipped with gallery, artist studio, and residence space, and re-opened as “Youkobo Art Space” with the aim of providing opportunity of artistic practice to young and passionate artists. Youkobo Art Space has been engaged in exchange with artists on a global scale and facilitated a broad range of artistic activities for the local community. It is enhancing its global network by communicating with AIR organization abroad and joining global network of the Res Artis.
Location / Environment Located in the northwest of Suginami Ward, Tokyo, in the vicinity there are lush environments such as the municipal Zenzukuji Park, Ikusa Hachimangu Shrine, Zenfukuji, and access to the city center is also good.
Contact Youkobo Art Space
Zempukuji 3-2-10, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0041 Japan
Contact person:Makiko Tsuji

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Youkobo Art Space offers three unique residential facilities and three studios, which are housed in two adjoining buildings: Building 1, a two-storied former medical clinic with a sanatorium for tubercular patients, and Building 2, a two-storied residential house with studios. All the residential spaces are fully equipped with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, a microwave, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, bedding, and dining utensils.

*Studio with residential space: AIR-1 (Residence 1 and Studio 1)
AIR-1 consists of Residence 1 and Studio 1 on the first floor of Building 2. The studio is connected directly to the residential space.
- Residence 1: 35 m2, Japanese-style residence with an 8-tatami room; Residence 1 can accommodate two people.
- Studio 1: 33 m2 space with a 5-m-high ceiling for creating and exhibiting artworks

*Studio with residential space: AIR-2 (Residence 2 and Studio 2)
AIR-2 consists of Residence 2 and Studio 2 on the second floor of Building 1. The studio is connected directly to the residential space.
- Residence 2: 9 m2 residential space with a 3-m-high ceiling, furnished with a bed
-Studio 2: 36 m2 space with a 3-m-high ceiling for creating and exhibiting artworks

*Studio with residential space: AIR-3 (Residence 3 and Studio 3)
AIR-3 consists of Residence 3 on the second floor of Building 2, and Studio 3 on the first floor of the adjoining Building 1.
- Residence 3: 35 m2, Western-style residential space on the second floor of Building 2
- Studio 3: 24 m2 space with a 3.3-m-high ceiling for creating and exhibiting artworks

*Residential space for researchers: Residence 3
Residential facilities without studio for researchers and curators conducting study and research
- Residence 3: See above.


Presentation spaceAvailable


By car: Five-minute from "Kichijoji" station
* Limousine bus from Narita airport to Kichijoji station

By bus: One-minute walk from “Zenpukuji” bus station of Kanto Bus or Seibu Bus Line (from Nihi-ogikubo, Ogikubo, Musashiseki, or Kami-shakujii station)

By train:About 20-minute walk from “Nishi-ogikubo” station of JR Chuo Line or “Kami-shakuji“ station of Seibu Shinjuku Line.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.