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SAISON Artist in Residence

  • Host organization

    The Saison Foundation

  • Address

    Morishita Studio 3-5-6 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0004 Japan

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Objective To promote contemporary theater and dance in Japan and international exchange in these fields.
Organization activities Visiting Fellow: This program aims at supporting research on the realities, backgrounds and appeal of contemporary Japanese theater and dance by inviting overseas-base artists and arts manager (producer, program director and curator) who are expected to play a pivotal role in expanding the worldwide network of contemporary theater and dance, and promoting mutual understanding.
* In addition to the above program, applications are also welcome for the Saison AIR Partnership, a program for promoting bilateral exchange with overseas arts bodies. Please refer to the application guidelines for details.
* In addition to the above program, “JENESYS Programme (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Invitation Programme for Creators)” was conducted in cooperation with the Japan Foundation in 2010 and 2011.
Founded in 1994
Background Following the opening of the Morishita Studio in 1994, this program was started as part of an independent production business designed to contribute to the creation of new values and the promotion of mutual understanding among people through art and cultural activities. In 2011, the Residence in Morishita Studio Visiting Fellows program was started. This program was aimed at expanding the international network of contemporary theater and dance and promoting mutual understanding. In the program, international artists and arts managers (producers, program directors, presenters, and curators, etc.) who are expected to play an important role in the performing art scenes, were invited and provided with support for their research concerning the circumstances, backgrounds and attractiveness of the Japanese contemporary theater and dance scenes. Based on these achievements, the Saison Artist in Residence program was started in 2016 in an effort to promote mutual cultural exchange among international artists and art groups.
Location / Environment Environment
Environmental Morishita is located in a residential area in the old quarter of Tokyo. A number of cultural institutions are within working distance such as Koto-ku Morishita Bunka Center (Koto ward Morishita Cultural Center), SNAC (a space for contemporary art, performance, production, and events), art galleries, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and Fukuagawa Edo Shiryokan (Koto ward Fukagawa Edo History Center).
Contact The Saison Foundation
Kyobashi Yamamoto Bldg. 4F, 3-12-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan
Contact person:Taro Inamura, Atsuko Hisano

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Main Building
Studio A: 109.35 sq.m.
Studio B: 109.35 sq.m.
Studio C: 238.56 sq.m.
New Annex
Studio S: 77.97 sq.m.
* Morishita Studio, which opened in Koto-ku, Tokyo in 1994, is a facility dedicated for theatrical and dance practice operated by the Saison Foundation. The main building consists of three studios with staff room and rocker room while the new annex includes guest rooms where artists and arts manager inside and outside Japan can stay, lounges where those related to theater and performing arts can gather, conference rooms and office spaces in addition to studios. The facilities are utilized as a venue for workshops, conferences, symposiums, performance practice and showing in response to request from fellows as a part of grant programs by the foundation.


* The Morishita Studio New Annex “Guest Room”

Presentation spaceAvailable

The Morishita Studio New Annex “Lounge”


By train: Take “Toei Shinjuku” subway or “Toei Oedo” subway and get off at “Morishita” station; walk 5 minutes from A6 exit.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.