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    39 Uwamachi, Gojome-machi, Minamiakita-gun, Akita Prefecture 018-1705 Japan

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Objective We provide the art gallery "Monokatari" as a residency space and invite artists, researchers, and specialists in various fields as "Marebito" for a long-term residency program to support their activities.
This program aims of promoting interdisciplinary creative activities. Therefore, we provides not only an environment in which residents can concentrate on their work but also an opportunity to build relationships with people from a wide range of fields, including key people in Gojome and Akita Prefecture.
Organization activities ・Invitation of artists, researchers, and specialists in various fields
・Support for residency activities (Providing space to stay, create, and exhibit, Leading community interaction activities, Covering accommodation charge, water, gas, and electricity expenses)
・Support for exhibitions, workshops, events, etc.
・Open studio
Founded in 2022
Background In 2016, we opened Monokatari, an old Taisho period house in Gojome, Akita Prefecture, which was renovated. We have been supporting not only the production of artworks but also residential and research activities in Gojome and other areas in Akita for guests.
From 2022, we have named this initiative "Marebito Residence" and officially launched its operation. We consider "Marebito" as "a different kind of existence that brings new ideas and stimulation from outside the group.
For more information about Marebito Residence, please click here (Sorry, we have only Japanese Websites.)
Location / Environment Gojome-machi, which is located in the center of Akita Prefecture and home to a morning market that has continued for over 500 years, has seen the dynamic exchange of various cultures along with the movement of people and the exchange of goods from many places.
In recent years, many people who moved from outside of Gojome have started new businesses and set up manufacturing workshops in the town, where handicrafts have flourished.
Therefore, coexisting of perspectives and values from within and outside the community, many people actively engage in their work.
Notes You can stay and enhance your activities as if you were staying at a "machiyado," which is a kind of inn that treats the town as one.
For example,
・You can gather various information on the local community through the shared office, cafés, etc.
・You can request for cooperation to the workshops or studios of woodwork, leather, ceramics, etc.
・You can utilize spaces throughout the town for the exhibition.
・You can use several hot springs in the town (10~20 minutes by car), or a bath at an old private house a few minutes' walk away are available.
※ There are no baths in the facility you stay.

Contact Michihiraki.LLC
39 Uwamachi, Gojome-machi, Minamiakita-gun, Akita Prefecture, 018-1705
Contact: Takahiro Oguma

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable


Accommodation: 1 room

Presentation spaceAvailable

Art gallery "Monokatari" (approx. 80 sq.m)
Located next to the creative space
Tatami mat space / wireless LAN / power outlets / projector and screen (on the wall) / 3 desks / 2 chabudai (tea table) / chairs (10 chairs) are also available.


・Transfer to a bus at JR Hachirokata Station, get off at Gojome Bus Terminal (Akita Chuo Kotsu), and walk 3 minutes.
・About 50 minutes from Akita Airport by car.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.