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Objective BEPPU PROJECT is a non-profit art organization based in Beppu city (Oita Prefecture, South of Japan), known as one of the world’s greatest hot spring areas. Founded in April 2005, we have since implemented various activities such as the introduction and promotion of local and international art. Regarding the regional aspect, development of human resources, promotion of craft products and savoir-faire, we have achieved this through holding art projects.

The "KIYOSHIMA Apartment" which BEPPU PROJECT has operated by our since 2009, is a place for artists and creators to reside and create. There are about 8 artists every year to stay and work at the apartment. The residency program includes a year Long-Term residents program that allows the use of two rooms (a space for creating, presenting, or artwork and a living space) for 10,000 yen per month and a Short-Term residents program lasting from one to three months.
Organization activities 1 year Long-Term residents:
・Two talk sessions (normally June and February) a year
・An exhibition as outcome in February, at the same time of the second talk session
・Open Studio during the “BEPPU ART MONTH” which is held in Beppu City every fall
Short-Term residents:
There is no required activities or outcomes; however, some sort of presentation or exhibit is encouraged.
Founded in 2009
Background The apartment building is used as the venue for the "Wakuwaku Mixed Bathing Apartment", one of the programs of the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 "Mixed Bathing World". After the festival, the NPO BEPPU PROJECT decided to continue to operate and maintain the apartment building as a residence and studio as part of its support for artists' activities.
Location / Environment As one of the leading hot spring resorts in Japan, there are numerous hot springs. It has a fan-shaped topography surrounded by the sea and mountains. The population is about 110,000, and there are three universities and a junior college, as well as many international students.
The KIYOSHIMA Apartment are old wooden apartments built in the 1960s. There is no bathroom, and toilets are shared. In recent years, Beppu City has been making efforts to promote the immigration and settlement of artists and creators, and the KIYOSHIMA Apartment is considered a leading example of such efforts.
Notes Residents for the 1-year Long-Term residents are selected through open application process. Applications are accepted from January to February each year.
Applications for the Short-Term residents is divided into the first and second semesters of the year, and applications are accepted for each semester.
Program introduction (video)
Talk Session held in June (June, 2022)
2F Sugakenzai Building, 2-35 Noguchimotomachi, Beppu, Oita, 874-0933 JAPAN
TEL 0977-22-3560
Contact Hiroki TAKEHIRA

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

1st floor of a two-story wooden building.
Each studio/presentation space is approximately 9.72m2 (6 tatami mats) with running water.


2nd floor of a two-story wooden building.
Each residential space is approximately 9.72m2 (6 tatami mats) with running water.

Presentation spaceNot available


About 10 minute walk from Beppu Station

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.