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iki base artist in residence

  • Host organization

    EAST Inc.

  • Address

    1482 Tsutsukihigashifure,Ishidachou,Iki City,Nagasaki Prefecture 811-5203 Japan

  • Website

Objective It will be a second place for production and creation for artists, and welcoming artists from outside the island will rediscover new perspectives and the charm of Iki for the region.
In addition to its function as an artist's production atelier, it will be a place connecting with the community through art.
In this free space, we will hold production activities, workshops, exhibitions, aiming to become a new cultural transmission spot in Iki.
Furthermore, we aim to increase the number of people involved and activate the region through such interactions.
Organization activities - Artists-in-residence program
- Exhibitions,workshops and other events
- Information service through website
Founded in 2021
Background It has been operated since July 2021(renovated from Minshuku, Japanese style family inn, in 2020) , as a base to activate the area from the view point of art,culture and sightseeing
Location / Environment It is located in the southeastern part of Iki Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, and is located in the area including some beautiful beaches selected as the 100 best beaches. Iki Airport is just nearby.
Notes There is a share house right next to the iki base in the same area, where artists can stay. (Even non-artists can also stay.)
Contact iki base artist in residence
1482 Tsutsukishigashifure,Ishidachou,Iki City,Nagasaki Prefecture 811-5203 Japan
TEL: 080-5409-9434 (Ogura)
Contact person: Akiko Ogura

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable


- 1 single room for person with creative activities (Free of charge)
- 5 twin rooms (Paid Guest House)
- 2 private shower rooms of the 6 rooms

Presentation spaceAvailable


Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.