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Hiroshima Artist-in-Residence (H-AIR)

  • Host organization

    Hiroshima Festival Organizing Committee

  • Address

    JMS Aster Plaza, 4-17 Kakomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, 730-0812 Japan

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Objective As a part of the academy program of "Hiroshima Animation Season”(international animation film festival), the main event of the Media Arts Division of "The Hiroshima Festival", the Hiroshima Artist-in-Residence (H-AIR) is a residency program for people involved in the field of animation. The purpose of the H-AIR is to enrich the art and cultural environment in Hiroshima as well as to help build the careers of selected animation professionals by inviting them to Hiroshima City to engage in production activities and other activities.
Organization activities A total of three animation professionals will be invited from among applicants from Japan and overseas to work on the own project for a short period of time while interacting with local residents and people involved in art and culture.

- H-AIR eligible projects:
Unpublished new projects related to animation, as well as projects other than animation such as novels, comics, and films are eligible, as long as the projects are intended to be adapted as animation projects in the future. In addition, conducting research or study for the purpose of developinging a project is also applicable.

- Interaction activities with local residents:
The program will include facilitating lectures and workshops for citizens.
Founded in 2022
Background The Hiroshima City government is holding "the Hiroshima Festival” from 2022 biannually, a new type of citizen-participation event in which everyone plays a leading role, including performers, viewers, and creators, with the participation of many people and the wish for peace in Hiroshima.

In the Media Arts Division of the Festival, H-AIR will be held to nurture future talents in the field of animation, and also to contribute to the development of the next generation through animation.
Location / Environment [Areas to stay]
Tsurumi-cho area: A residential area with excellent access from the center of Hiroshima City. The residence is located on a riverside in a nice quiet area to enjoy taking a walk.
Contact Hiroshima Festival Organizing Committee
Hiroshima Animation Season Festival Office
JMS Aster Plaza, 4-17 Kakomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, 730-0812 Japan

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JMS Aster Plaza
15 minutes by taxi from JR Hiroshima Station

Hiroshima Bus Route 24
Bound for Yoshijima Eigyosho or Yoshijima Hospital - Get off at Kako-machi (200m)

City Tram:
Rout 1 for Hiroshima Port (via Kamiyacho) - Get off at Shiyakusho-mae (600m)
Rout 6 for Eba - Get off at Funairi-cho (400m)