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Extreme Cold Art Festival eastern HokkaidoAIR

  • Host organization

    Teshikaga Ekomachi Promotion Council

  • Address

    3−2−40 Kawayuonsen, Teshikaga Town, Hokkadoi Prefecture Japan 088−3465

  • Website

Objective A place created by gods and artists

"Extreme Cold Art Festival" is an international art festival held every year in Teshikaga, a small town in eastern Hokkaido. The main venue for the art festival is around the museum "ARtINn Extreme Cold Art Contagion Machine" in Kawayu Onsen. The Arts Festival will be held from February 2nd to March 3rd. The core of the art festival is the "Yukimori Outdoor Museum". It will be exhibited in a very cold forest. Overseas artists and Japanese contemporary artists will also stay and produce, and more than 40 works will appear in the frigid forest. When the temperature exceeds -15 degrees Celsius (beginning of extreme cold), the steam rising from the hot spring river freezes in the air and diamond dust is generated. The harmony between the natural beauty and the works of art seen in "Yugen no Mori" can only be experienced in the very cold season. It is an international art experiment site that asks "what artists can create" in response to the special "frigid scenery" unique to the place.
Organization activities - Artist in Residence
- Extreme Cold Art Festival
- Holding symposiums, workshops, events, etc.
- Providing information using websites
- Offering accommodation to viewers

Founded in 2011
Background In a small town with few art facilities, we needed a space to play that role. Aiming to be an art space that represents eastern Hokkaido, we are nurturing the space together with artists.
Location / Environment Our base of activities is located in Akan Mashu National Park, which requires Lake Mashu, Mt. Iou, and the headwaters of the Kushiro River. There are "ARtINn Extreme Cold Art Contagion Machine" and old residences on the outskirts of Kawayu Onsen town, and detached residences on the shores of Lake Kussharo, where artists can stay according to their purpose. It is possible to take a free-flowing hot spring every day, creating an environment that can be called "art wormcation."
Notes Equipped with various tools such as Hydraulic excavator, light truck, welding machine, chainsaw, slide circular saw, etc.
Installation of kerosene kiln and hole kiln for ceramics

Contact Teshikaga Ekomachi Promotion Council Art subcommittee
3−2−40 Kawayuonsen, Teshikaga Town, Hokkadoi Prefecture Japan 088−3465
Contact person: Yoshiaki Imai, General Director

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable


Kawayu Onsen: 1 to 4 people x 2 rooms (winter) / 1 to 4 people x 5 rooms (summer)
Lake Kussharo: ~ 3 people x 1 house / ~ 10 people x 1 house

Presentation spaceAvailable

Yukimori Open-air Museum of Sapporo (outdoor 2500 sq.m.) Kawayu Onsen
Showa Yukaku Gallery (indoor 95 sq.m.) Kawayu Onsen
ARt INn Gallery (indoor sq.m.) Kawayu Onsen
Artemina Lake Kussharo Lakeside Museum (outdoor 3000 sq.m.)
Kiln gallery (indoor 30 sq.m.) Lake Kussharo

* If you make a reservation in advance, you can exhibit at the gallery of Roadside Station Mashu Onsen.


JR Senmo Line Kawayu Onsen Station → (Bus) Office Kawayu Branch 1 minute

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.