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Objective CreativePowerGarage101 is a multifunctional art garage that supports traveling creators. In addition to creating and maintaining a work environment for artists in all situations regardless of nationality or age, it continues to connect people and expand networks across cities and countries through art and culture and contribute to the creation of new cultural hubs while also exploring what it looks like to pass on and innovate a unique culture of expression drawing on the character of the land and people of the Hiki district in Saitama. The "PONDIZE" Artist in Residence initiative draws on the character of Namegawa, the town with the most marshland in the entire Kanto region. Under the main theme of "biocultural diversity," it links worldwide artists to local and Namegawa related companies, residents, and researchers involved in fields like the woodland environment, physical education, and social firm activities. It also increases touchpoints through efforts like studies, fieldwork, and round-table discussion that incorporate their individual perspectives. These activities allow this initiative to deploy living labs that bring worldwide artists to gather and live in Namegawa while creating, displaying, and performing artwork based in the themes of the culture, history, and performance art traditions of the marshlands. Also, together with providing venues to enjoy artworks in a variety of media, the initiative also creates opportunities for both participants and artists to rediscover the wonder of swampland living and for children and Hiki district residents to have a more intimate relationship with the swampland from a cultural perspective. It creates, renews, and spreads marshland culture among the contemporary populace.
Organization activities - Artist in Residence
- Studies, fieldwork, open studios, performance showing, feedback opportunity
- Production support (studies, fieldwork, workshop, open studio, showing cooperation)
Founded in 2020
Background With the March 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, people all over lost opportunities to travel and interact. Artists were no exception, and the fundamental work style had to be revised and reconstructed particularly for travelling creators who live in different areas while conducting fieldwork there, creating new jobs, production environments, and works. One of these individuals is project founder and performing artist Miyuki Kobayashi. Kobayashi had a connection to the Hiki district of Saitama Prefecture, and made plans to stay in that area until the situation stabilized. This served as a chance for her to obtain a vacant home and secure a location to work and produce. This location and opportunity did not stop with providing a production environment for her alone. Providing a production environment and living space to other artists who had lost opportunities to produce and venues to show work became the start of a new enterprise. Out of the desire for creators to prioritize production expenses over accommodation or food costs, she manages it in a non-monetary trade live-in house format, with a garage garden where everyone can plant and eat what they like and free accommodation for residents in return for helping out with cleaning and maintenance work in a family-style. From the summer of 2021, this enterprise will begin to collaborate on some arts and culture projects together with Saitama Fukko Co., Ltd., the independent school Uma to Kurashi Gakusha (Horses and Living Academy) , Rissho University Yatsuda Innovation Research Society, and disabled welfare facilities in the region. It has been commissioned as an organization supporting artistic and cultural activities (in the field of performing arts) of people with disabilities in the region. It proposes and implements art and cultural activities by people with disabilities that reflect the local character of the region. In January 2023, the Yatsunuma agricultural system, which incorporated rainwater from Hiki Hills, was recognized as a Japanese Agricultural Heritage site. CreativePowerGarage101 will support this from an arts and culture perspective.
Location / Environment A two-story house and barn (garage) in Fukuda, located in the northern part of Namerikawa-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture. It is located in the lowlands and hills of the dissected valley between the Namerikawa and Nakaborigawa rivers. The surrounding area is an area with many Kanto No. 1 reservoirs, and there are many reservoirs and lakes in the Fukuda area. Settlements have existed since the Jomon period, including the Baba ruins, which are the remains of settlements from the middle and late Jomon periods and the early and late Kofun periods, and the remains of settlements from the early and late Kofun periods.
Contact creativePowerGarage101
Fukuda10-1, Namegawa, Hiki-gun, Saitama 355-0803 JAPAN
Contact: Miyuki Kobayashi

Facility information

Studio informationAvailable

Heavy gauge steel structure, 12 Tatami mats of Reharsal Space, 6 Tatami mats of garage/gallery.


-accommodation for 1 person: 1 room (room for artist)
-accommodation for 2 persons: 1 room (room for artist accompanied with assistant or family menbers)

Presentation spaceAvailable

Group home Asuku Art Salon *Performance and exhibition at the gallery in the neibourhood can be possible depending on the dates requested by residents.


10 min. taxi from Shinrin Koen station on Tobu tojo line.
25 min. walk from the bus stop Kannon Mae on Kokusai Juo Kotsu line.

Open calls

Currently there is no program available for application.