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Autonomous Activity Program 2022 Summer / YUI-PORT Artist-in-Residence Project




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Not available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesNot available

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Craft / Applied arts , Film / Video , Others

RegionsHokuriku / Shinetsu


Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange (YUI-PORT)

Application period Feb. 1, 2022 (Tue.) - Feb. 21, 2022 (Mon.)
Description Purpose of the Project                                                              
The purpose of Artist in Residence project is to host and support artists etc. from domestic and overseas who conduct creative activities while residing at the Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange (YUI – PORT), to create an environment where creative-rich human resources can easily gather, to transmit the charm of Niigata City to domestic and overseas, to inspire regional pride and affection by rediscovering the attractions of nature, history and culture of this region through the interaction of citizens and artists etc.

Features of the Program                                                       
YUI – PORT is a refurbished former junior high school facility. It is a complex facility to conduct two activities, “experience based activities for youth” and “cultural and artistic activities”. The location is near the central urban area of Niigata City and located in an environment facing the Sea of Japan and the pine forest. It is possible for artists etc. residing in the facility to conduct higher creative activities while being inspired by Niigata City's natural, historical and cultural charm.
Artist etc. residing in the facility will open their creative process to the public and through workshops and research, it is possible to nurture relationships with citizens and youth and lead to diverse creative developments. Also, by artists etc. residing at the same time period interacting with each other, it leads to create new area by fusing different kind of fields.
Residency location YUI – PORT (Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange)
Residency period Within 30 days from July 5, 2022 (Tuesday) to August 22, 2022 (Monday)
Qualification ・Currently active artist (genre does not matter).
・Participate in the citizen exchange project at least once in cooperation with Designated Administrator.
・Reside and conduct creative activities in YUI – PORT.
・Able to communicate in either Japanese or English.
・In good health condition.
・Must be able to travel and engage in activities in consideration of the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 as well as taking PCR tests (self-pay).
Pay by artists / Support for artists Details of Invitation
Artist etc. and Designated Administrator shall carry out the program by concluding a contract which includes the following contents. The invitation is based on the principle that artists participate in the program by themselves. Their families and production assistants are not allowed to accompany or stay. It is possible for more than one person, such as a group, to apply, but in that case, the support will be for 1 person (1 room).

 Matters related to production, activities, citizen exchange activities
・Details of Activity
Artist etc. will conduct creative activities and research activities during residence, and it is essential to participate in the citizen exchange project at least once.
・Equipment etc.
Designated Administrator will lend YUI - PORT's tools and furniture for free of charge during the program period.
・Location Of Production
Designated Administrator will lend YUI – PORT's “Workshop Gallery (1 or 2)” for free of charge during the program period. However, in principle, there will be a charge for using other toll areas.
In principle, artist etc. will do the cleaning. Also, after the completion of the production activity during the program period, artist etc. must return the used equipment and supplies to the designated administrator in the original state.
*"Workshop Gallery 1" and "Workshop Gallery 2" are located opposite each other in the same space and can be partitioned partially by movable walls.
・Citizen Exchange Project
It is necessary for artist etc. to participate in the citizen exchange project at least once in cooperation with Designated Administrator. Designated Administrator will prepare materials, etc., and bear the expenses necessary for citizen exchange activities. (There is an upper limit to the amount of payment.)
・The Work After The End of Residence
Artist etc. must remove the work etc. by themselves after the end of the production activity. When bringing back the work, packing should be done by artist etc. themselves. Transportation expenses shall be borne by the artist etc.

 Matters related to living during residence
・Living Expenses
Designated Administrator will bear the light, heat, and water expenses during residence.
・Place to Stay
Designated administrator will lend the "Artist Dormitory (1 or 2)" and attached equipments as a place to stay for free of charge only during the program period.
Artist etc., in principle need to bring necessary goods (bedding, toiletries, other consumables) for residence. Bedding goods are available for a fee, but if you want to use them, you must request one month in advance.
*Family members and production assistants are not allowed.
Artist etc. can access to the Internet with wireless LAN in the accessible area.
Accident insurance, liability insurance, etc. are to be bought at the responsibility of the artist etc., the Designated Administrator does not have responsibility for insurance coverage etc.

 Others
Designated Administrator will provide the following support as needed.
- Provide information on how to acquire painting supplies and materials.Support for research activities.
- Recruitment of support volunteers.
- Introduce "Futaba Mécénat” which support Artist in Residence activities of artist etc. (only for people who wish to request)
・Record of Activities
Designated Administrator will record works and activities of artist etc. in the program in photographs or video. Artist etc. please cooperate for the above recording.
The copyright of the works and concepts produced by this program belongs to the artists, etc., themselves, but the photographs, videos, etc. recorded by the Designated Administrator may be used by the Designated Administrator free of charge for the purpose of publicity, publication in the activity record book, etc., and recording.
・Create Activity Records
Designated Administrator will create activity records for recording this program.
If necessary, artist etc. living abroad should obtain a passport and visa to enter Japan (at the expense of self-cost). For details, please contact the Japanese Embassy in your country.

*The cost of production, staying and transportation shall be borne by the artist etc.
Selection process The selection committee selects and decides based on the submitted materials. All applicants will be notified by e-mail by early May 2022 (planned schedule). Please note that we do not accept individual inquiries regarding the selection process and results.
Contact Please contact us by e-mail if you have any questions regarding application.

YUI - PORT Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange
Artist-in-Residence Project
2-5932-7, Futaba-cho, Chuo-ku Niigata City Niigata Pref., Japan 951-8102
E-mail: WEB:
Hours/9:00 - 21:30 Closed Days: From December 29th to January 3rd The Following Year etc.
Designated Administrator: KIRAMEKI CORPORATION
Special Considerations for Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID -19) ○ Depending on the situation of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID -19), there may be changes in the content of this program, including cancellation, so please understand in advance before applying.
○ In order to prevent the spread of COVID -19, the Artist-in-Residence program is conducted in accordance with YUI - PORT's action guidelines. Artists should stay in accordance with the action guidelines.
・Niigata City Center for Creative Arts and International Youth Exchange Guiding Principle for Artist-in-Residence Project
○For information on the Japanese government's and Niigata City's response to COVID -19, please visit the following websites.
・About COVID -19
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website "About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)"
Ministry of Justice website "Regarding Refusal of Landing to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
(Novel Coronavirus)"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website "Information on the Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19)"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website "Immigration Restriction Measures for Travelers from Japan and Japanese Nationals by Each Country / Region, and Conditions and Behavior Restriction Measures upon Entering Japan Relating to COVID-19"
Niigata City website "About COVID -19"
How to Apply Please download the designated application form from our website], fill in the necessary information and apply by e-mail [] or by post. For e-mail, the subject must be "AIR 2022 Summer Application".

Documents to be submitted
(a) Application form
(b) One photograph of your face taken within the last 6 months (Only the photograph of the representative is required, please attach the photograph to the application form)
(c) Work Materials (Work Materials shall be attached or described in the column “7. Material of Your Work” in the Application form.)
①Up to 3 images of works
At least one item must be submitted and the data capacity of each work image must be less than 1MB.
②Up to 3 video works (Optional)
Upload the video file to video streaming service such as Youtube and attach the URL.
The total length of the video shall be within 10 minutes.
*Applicants who do not use the specified size, format, or method may not be eligible for selection.
*Please note that, in principle, the submitted application documents will not be returned.
*Handling of personal information: We will never use the submitted application documents for purposes other than the YUI – PORT project.
Others *This project is based on the draft budget for fiscal 2022. Please note in advance before applying that there may be changes to the content, including cancellation, depending on the status of budget deliberations.