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Open Call for ZAO EXPO’22




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesAvailable

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Performing arts , Craft / Applied arts , Film / Video , Others



Togatta Residence 044 (Maruyoshi)

Application period Dec. 1, 2021 (Wed.) - Jan. 31, 2022 (Mon.)
Description -ZAO EXPO'22 Statement- "Everyone was a Traveler"
Togatta Hot-Spring is located at the foot of Mt. Zao, which was opened before the Edo period.
It has undergone various developments over its more than 400 years of history.
This small hot spring resort is characterized by being both a tourist destination and a place
where local residents live, a town where life and tourism coexist.
The COVID-19, which was occurred in 2019, has brought out the exclusivity and closeness
that are often associated with the countryside, and such aspects have been highlighted
in the last two years.

However, the culture that has been created from the opening of the baths to the present day
has been brought in and nurtured by travellers, hasn't it?
A hot spring, a therapeutic bath, "Kokeshi" by a woodworker, a lodging town to visit Zao, a flourishing flower town, and culture, industry, and business accompanying it are born, and it reaches to the present.
If we trace back the roots of the people who are indigenous to this area,

we can see that they were also travellers.
At the EXPO, we will reconsider the nature of the community in the countryside by realizing that
"culture is something that is created within the land" and that "neither outside nor inside has anything to do with it".
Residency location Togatta Residense 044(Maruyoshi)
Residency period August 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022
2 weeks to 2 months from August 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022
(to be determined upon individual arrangement)

Qualification -Applicants must like "hot springs".
-Currently active (any genre).
-Any age or nationality is acceptable.
-The applicant must be able to do everything related to production and daily life on his/her own.
-Understand the purpose of the Togatta Residence and the purpose of the residency, and be able to carry out activities.
-Ability to actively interact and engage with local elementary and junior high school students.
-The artist must be able to actively participate in events organized by the local community and the secretariat, and interact with local residents, people in the shopping district, and the Kokeshi Dolls Artisans Association.

In addition to creating artworks, artists are expected to carry out the following programs during their stay
-Presentation of the results of the work or presentation of the work in progress (work-in-progress)
-Open studio style production open to the public during the residency period
The above and independent projects can be held upon coordination with the organizer.
Pay by artists / Support for artists -Subsidy for round-trip transportation from the departure point to Togatta (fully subsidized)
-Subsidy for production and material costs(fully subsidized)
-Stay expenses (free of charge)
-One day bathing at a public hot-spring or nearby hotel (free of charge)
-Admission to the Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Dolls Museum (free of charge)
-Interaction with local residents, research support
-Dissemination of information on activities before and after the residency period
Selection process Preliminary selection (review): February 1 - February 15, 2022
Secondary selection (interviews): February 16 - March 25, 2022
Notification of decision: End of March 2022 (tentative)
Contact Togatta Project Inc. Office in charge of AIR
9890913, 14, Motomachi, Togatta Hot-sping, Zao town Katta-Gun, Miyagi Prefecture
PIC : +81-90-8615-9054 Satoh