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The Tobichi Art Museum 2024 “The Watershed Between Resources and Problems” Open Call Program




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesAvailable

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Performing arts , Craft / Applied arts , Others

RegionsHokuriku / Shinetsu


The Tobichi Museum

Application period Jun. 3, 2024 (Mon.) - Jul. 10, 2024 (Wed.)
Description Program – The Tobichi Art Museum 2024 “The Watershed Between Resources and Problems”
Our program, The Tobichi Art Museum, is aiming to make the future of art culture a part of our daily life. We use vacant old houses and shops along the street as galleries so that you can enjoy art cultures while walking, shopping, and chatting with neighbors or friends.
This year, forest in the town will be our exhibition field.

We will also provide some materials that have been found at vacant old houses and shops. You are the one who will create art with those “Treasures from useless places”.

By selecting residence artists with an open call, we expect some good chemistry by coincidence and would like to bring a variety of things and movements of the heart to the local community, through communicating with other artists, staff and local people.

We hope that local residents will gain various “insights” from each other through this AIR project.

Looking forward to seeing you in Tatsuno Town!

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Residency location Tatsuno Town, Nagano Prefecture, JAPAN
Residency period Length of stay: 3 weeks to 3 months (from September until November)
*Core time: October 5th to 27th
Qualification - Artists who are currently active (regardless of genre).
- Regardless, age or nationality .
- Must be able to handle all aspects of production and living on their own.
- Must understand the purpose of the Tobichi Art Museum program.
Pay by artists / Support for artists Reward fees;

the first prize – 250,000 JPY

the second prize – 100,000 JPY

Production fees;

the first prize – 150,000 JPY

the second prize – 50,000 JPY

Traveling fees – maximum 50,000 JPY

*Please note that fees would be changed due to overseas expenses.

Provide a place for exhibition that would be vacant old houses and ships. You would start the residency from setting up the place for exhibition. (you can select from some choices)
Provide an accommodation
Provide transportations such as a car or a bicycle.
Residence facilities
Selection process Please contact us using the form below. The portfolio should be A4, up to 3 pages.

Final decisions will be made after a jury meeting held on July 17th.

Juries ;

Delphine Mogarra, Invided Artist of the Tobichi Art Museum 2023

Sanghee Noh, Invided Artist of the Tobichi Art Museum 2023

Chibiyuri, Dancer

Shu Kawashima, Curator of the Tatsuno Museum of Art

Shizuka Takagi, Ceramic Artist
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1705-1, Tatsuno, Tatsuno Town, Kamiina Gun, Nagano Prefecture 399-0421 JAPAN