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AIR_JOnline Database of Artist in Residence Programs in Japan


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MI-LAB Lake Kawaguchi Artist-in-Residence 2021Basic Training Program A, B, C Advanced Program E




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesNot available

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsNot available

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts



MI-LAB Lake Kawaguchi Artist-in-Residence

Application period Feb. 20, 2020 (Thu.) - Mar. 31, 2020 (Tue.)
Description -Basic Trainig Program (fee-based program)
Participants master the basic of mokuuanga, creating three or more works during roughly month-long regidency.
-Advanced Program (fee-based program)
Intended for artists engaged in creative work, education and/or study of printmaking in general. Participants experience mokuhanga to exprore new printmaking possibilities, to expans their technical means of expression, and for further innovation.M11
Residency location Center for the Science of Human EndeavorDepartment of Culture and ArtsMI-LAB Committee
Residency period Artist in Residence 2021
Basic Training Program A: Apr.18-May22, 2021
Basic Training Program B: Sep.5-Oct.9, 2021
Basic Training Program C:Oct.17-Nov.20, 2021
Advanced Program E: Jul.18-Aug.21, 2021
Qualification All 4 programs are for Mokuhanaga (water-based woodblock printmaking)
No age limit, no specification of countiries.
Pay by artists / Support for artists Travel expenses, production fee and living expenses cannot be provided.
Professional and stuff support is available.
Communication are in Japanese and English.
Opportunities for exhibition / presentation are available (A post-residence show will be held after participants` returning home.)
Annual program report will be published and distributed.
Selection process Document screening by five-member MI-LAB board
Contact Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory (MI-LAB)
6-11-14-B109 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021
Web site
Contact person:Keiko Kobayashi