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Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesNot available

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Performing arts , Craft / Applied arts , Film / Video , Others




Application period May. 18, 2020 (Mon.) - Jul. 26, 2020 (Sun.)
Description Since last year, PARADISE AIR has been running the MATSUDO AWARD program to invite artists who are closely connected with the city of Matsudo to create artwork in the city.
This year, as a response to the current situation, we are launching a call to offer a special 3-week experience at PARADISE AIR, allowing artists to create artworks in Matsudo in this time of coronavirus outbreak. MATSUDO AWARD will temporarily change its name to MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD and only invite artists who live within 60 minutes of Matsudo station.

The chosen artist will be provided funding (per diem per stay) which can be used for living expenses during the program, a private space, and production time at PARADISE AIR.
By offering a working environment separated from home for a set period of time (three weeks), this program aims to create time and space for artists to focus on creation for the future of themselves and their works.

Throughout the nation, arts, culture, and its public nature is in a moment of crisis. However, since those qualities in Matsudo are rooted deeply in people’s lifestyle and everyday life, we would like to believe that they will be able to survive toughly and lithely under any circumstances. We will continue to place trust and always support artists. We look forward to receiving applications from those who can cooperate to examine our beliefs.

Detailed information and application form:
Residency location PARADISE AIR
Residency period 1. Tuesday, June 16 – Tuesday, July 7 (Application deadline: May 31)
2. Tuesday, July 14 – Tuesday, August 4 (Application deadline: June 28)
3. Tuesday, August 11 – Tuesday, September 1 (Application deadline: July 26)

Openings: One (1) artist for each period (1, 2, and 3)
Qualification Artists of Japanese and foreign nationality who live within 60 minutes of Matsudo station and who meet application requirements.

- Physically and mentally healthy.
- An individual aged 18 or over and currently active in the field of art.
- Living within 60 minutes of Matsudo station. (You will be informing us the shortest transit time from your nearest station to Matsudo in the application form.)
- Must be able to keep a record of one’s daily life during residency and agree that they may be published online through PARADISE AIR’s website and/or “note” account.
- Must be able to refrain from using any public transportation or returning home throughout the stay.
- Have the flexibility to respond to what PARADISE AIR asks you to do, such as checking and reporting one’s body temperature every day and communicating online with staff.
- Have the flexibility to agree and follow proposals, rules, change of schedules made by staff regarding the changing situation.
- Must be able to prepare and bring all equipment, art mediums, and supply one intends to use during their residency.
- Be sure to responsibly go through the entire process from applying to ending residency.
- Be willing to cherish and enjoy the connection with PARADISE AIR and Matsudo even after the program.
- Be able to communicate in Japanese and/or English.
Pay by artists / Support for artists - A room at PARADISE AIR. (Free heat, light, water, and internet.)
For more details about our facilities, please go to:
- Per diem of 3,000 JPY per stay, per person. (Paid before the first day of residency.)
- An opportunity to “meet” with previous PARADISE AIR resident artists (from overseas) online.
- Online PR assistance.
- Coordination of presentation of your work after the coronavirus crisis ends.
Selection process A selection committee, by those involved, will determine the best applicant from the submitted materials. As much as we put a value on the plan of the artwork the applicant proposes to work on during the stay, we also deeply value his/her willingness and ability to communicate well with our staff.
Before the final decision, successful candidates will have an online interview with PARADISE AIR staff via Zoom. The chosen artist will be individually notified after the interview. Selection results will be made public on our website.
Contact MAIL:
Basic Information on Matsudo Station Expected travel time from Matsudo station to major stations nearby (minimum transit time according to Japan Travel by Navitime)

Kashiwa station: 8min.
Abiko station: 13min.
Nodashi station: 32min.
Funabashi station: 37min.
Shin-Tsudanuma station: 40min.
Chiba-Minato station: 51min.
Keisei-Sakura station: 58min.
Ueno station: 18min.
Tokyo station: 24min.
Shinagawa station: 33min.
Shinjuku station: 39min.
Shibuya station: 48min.
Yoyogi-Uehara station: 51min.

*Artists who can walk (or drive) to Matsudo within 60mins can be applicants. Please note that there are no parking spaces for cars nor bicycles at PARADISE AIR.
Application form