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AIR_JOnline Database of Artist in Residence Programs in Japan


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In any other time in histories, travels for creative pursuits have been so severely interrupted by borders.
The experience of this world embodying loss of lives and lifestyles has been causing our hearts to suffer from agony and indignation in Japan. 

We continue to provide spaces for everyday lives as well as for artmaking, both undisturbed, to artists and other art workers, holding ourselves together despite any international conflicts or effects of any warfare. 

We are the Artist-in-Residence organizations and organizers, with other individuals concerned with them, all having taken part in such a discussion and publicly supporting the aforementioned opinion in Japan amid the fluctuation of the global climate. 
We are open to listening to artists and art workers who demonstrate their request for stays in Japan, to their consultation, sharing information, and hearing suggestions along the way, committed to support around one’s stay in any ways we can, including the proposition of residencies.

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