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Open call information: H-AIR Hiroshima Artist-in-Residence

H-AIR is a residency program for people involved in the animation industry.
The purpose of the program is to invite animation artists to stay in Hiroshima City for a long period of time and engage in their new projects here.
The aim is to help the invitees to build their careers and enrich the art and culture environment in Hiroshima.

H-AIR Hiroshima Artist-in-Residence

1. Eligibility

Anyone regardless of age or industry working on a new, unpublished project related to animation is eligible.Projects other than animation, such as novels, comics, and films, are also eligible to apply, as long as they are intended to be adapted as animation in the future. Applicants may apply not only for the development or production of their work, but also for the purpose of research or study for the production of their new and unpublished projects.

2. Period and Contents of Support

H-AIR will invite animation professionals from around the world to Hiroshima during the following period (Japanese applicants are also eligible).

Period of Stay: May 1 (Sunday), 2022 to October 31 (Monday), 2022 [184 days].
The period may be subject to change due to social or environmental conditions.

Number of artists: 3 (planned)
The invited artists will engage in the following activities.

<Production, development, or research activities>
Working on their new projects

<Exchange activities with local residents>
Interaction with the residents of Hiroshima City and the area where they will be staying, as well as with people involved in art and culture.

In addition, the following activities should be carried out during the stay

<Periodic writing of reports (in English or Japanese), about one per month.>
<Participation in publicity for the Hiroshima Festival (Hiroshima Animation Season)>
<Appearance at events related to the Hiroshima Festival>
a. Provide guidance and advice to citizens who make animation at the “Machikado Animation Class” project
b. Lectures and workshops for citizens, etc.
<Final report to be written and submitted within one month of the completion of H-AIR.>
For other details, please read the terms and conditions in “4 Application Procedure and Schedule”.

3. Accommodation

Participants will stay and work in one of the following areas in Hiroshima City.
a. Tsurumi-cho area (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City)
b. Yokogawa area (Nishi Ward, Hiroshima City)
c. Minaga area (Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City)
Along with the place of stay, we will provide these incidental facilities: furniture and internet necessary for daily life.

4. Application

Applications will be accepted from January 7 to 31, 2022 via the application form.