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“ARTS NPO DATABANK 2014–15” (Special feature: Research on Artist-in-Residence Programs run by Arts NPOs)

This is a report on Arts NPO Link’s 2014–2015 research on Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Programs. It features interviews with 10 AIR program administrators in Japan, as well as interviews with five artists from Japan and abroad who have stayed in AIR programs in Japan. In conclusion, this report presents in-depth analyses and examinations of AIR programs by researchers based on the interviews and a questionnaire survey that covers various AIR programs in Japan. Free copies of this report have been available from April 2015. The digital version of this report is also available for download in PDF format. For further information, visit: (in Japanese)

Teiko Hinuma | Artist-in-Residence Programs: Places for creating new value for work and life
[Interviews 1: Artist-in-Residence Program administrators]
Natsukashii Mirai Souzou Residence Program (Rikuzentakata AIR)
Reminders Photography Stronghold
Youkobo Art Space
NPO Koganecho Area Management Center
Art Space Yosuga
Kinosaki International Arts Center
NPO Dance Box
Studio Kura Co., Ltd.
International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audience
[Interviews 2: Artists]
Yoshinari Nishio
Liz Sargent
Yukio Suzuki
Tadasu Takamine
Sioned Huws
[Conclusion 1]
Yayoi Yoshizawa | Creating art and living
[Survey report]
Trao Osawa | Survey of Artist-in-Residence Programs run by NPOs
[Conclusion 2]
NPO Arts NPO Link | Conclusion of the survey of Artist-in-Residence Programs in Japan

(Special feature: Research on Artist-in-Residence Programs by Arts NPOs)

Editors, Writers, Interviewers: Sachiko Uchiyama; Trao Osawa; Sadayuki Higuchi; Teiko Hinuma; Yayoi Yoshizawa
Collaborators: Mami Odai; Ai Nakagawa
Designer: Yusuke Mimasu
Published in March, 2015
Published by Arts NPO Link (Nonprofit Organization)
Size, Volume: A5, 130 pages