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International Creator Residency Program 2025|TOKAS Residency Programs




Presentation(exhibition, performance, and open studio)Available

Grants and subsidies for travel expensesAvailable

Grants and other financial supports/ Support by coordinators and art professionalsAvailable

Art genresVisual arts/ Fine arts , Film / Video , Others



Tokyo Arts and Space Residency (TOKAS Residency)

Application period May. 21, 2024 (Tue.) - Jul. 2, 2024 (Tue.)
Description Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS), operated by a division of The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, offers artist-in-residence programs for international creators working in various creative fields to stay, engage in creation, and conduct research activities in Tokyo.

The open-call program “International Creator Residency Program (Individual Projects/Theme Projects)” aims to invite distinguished and highly motivated creators in the fields of visual art, film, design, and architecture from all over the world and offer them with opportunities to work in Tokyo. We provide financial support to allow creators to develop and present new works and ideas. The result of the residency will be presented at the OPEN STUDIO and/or the Result Presentation at TOKAS Hongo.

"International Creator Residency Program (Theme Projects)" for the period from May to July 2025, invites two international creators who would engage in creative activities based on the theme "Technology and the future of humanity." Together with two creators of "Local Creator Residency Program," the 4 creators who work on the theme will seek to actively exchange ideas on the cultural differences in thoughts, recognitions, actions and languages, while working independently on their own projects.

A) Individual Projects
Number of Creators: 4
Disciplines: Visual art, film, design and architecture
Studio/workspace: Shared studio
Outcome: Presentation in the Open Studio, and Result Exhibition planned to be held at TOKAS Hongo.

B) Theme Projects
Based on the theme: “Technology and the future of humanity”
Throughout its long history, humankind has created and invented a wide variety of tools and technologies, which have enabled us to develop to the present day. However, in current years, various concerns and issues have been raised in relation to AI (artificial intelligence), such as the Singularity (a technological singularity where AI transcends human intelligence), the flash crash* caused by the acceleration of IT, and the impact on labor in society. Matters related to labor have currently received much attention through a reconsideration of the Luddite movement, a 19th-century labor movement in which workers who had lost their jobs as a result of mechanization rebelled by destroying machines and factories. The anxiety and fear people feel about technology may be due to what Günter Anders describes as the 'Promethean shame,' where people who are supposed to benefit from the excessive development of technology paradoxically feel inferior. There is no doubt that the evolution of technology will transform our daily lives, social structures and relationships among people in the near future. In the midst of these drastic shifts, we need to rethink about how we ourselves exist, how we connect with each other, and how we interact with the world encompassed by technology.

Number of Creators: 2
Disciplines: Visual art, film, design and architecture
Studio/workspace: Shared studio
Outcome: Presentation in the Open Studio, and Result Exhibition planned to be held at TOKAS Hongo in 2026.

How to apply
Please download "Outline" and "Application Package" from below.
Residency location TOKAS Residency (2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
Residency period A) Individual Projects
Residency Period: 3 months in the following periods:
① From the beginning of September to the end of November, 2025
② From the beginning of January to the end of March, 2026

B) Theme Projects
Residency Period: 3 months from the beginning of May to the end of July, 2025
Qualification ① Resides outside of Japan
② Has 5 years or more of experience in his/her specialized area of expertise
③ Has sufficient ability to communicate in English with other residing creators and TOKAS staff for mutual understanding
④ Independent and capable of working and living on his/her own
⑤ Creators working as a duo are also eligible (A duo consisting of at least one creator residing outside of Japan is eligible)
⑥ Students are ineligible (except for Ph.D. candidates)
Pay by artists / Support for artists What TOKAS Residency offers: Living space (single room), airfare, living expenses (per diem), and fee for creative work/project
Selection process Selection stage: review with external juries in August, 2024
*The successful applicants will be informed of their final results individually by the end of September,
The final results will be announced through our website at the beginning of October, 2024.
*We do not respond to any individual inquiries on the selection process and result.
Contact Email:
*For inquiries not listed in the FAQ page on our website, please contact us by Email by June 11, 2024. We will update the FAQ on our website after June 17, 2024. Please note that in principle, we cannot answer each inquiry individually.